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Sonic Mirror Audio Engineering - Experimental Portal

Under Construction

   On 8/14/12 the following images were captured from within Google Sketchup 8.0 and posted on this page.
The drivers are legacy units similar to those produced by Peerless from the late 1970's to the early 1980's.
Re-tasking these drivers from retired and deconstructed Infinity loudspeakers will allow a volumetrically
concentrated driver array to be assembled. Several concepts will be explored:

1. Colocation along a central spine for better arrival time synchronization.
2. Voice coil plane symmetrical about vertical axis to be further aligned with additional drivers used for higher
3. Bucking magnets manufactured from various magnetic materials will be added to increase flux density within
    the magnetic gap.
4. A bar, plates, or combination made of mild steel will be fabricated to unify the separate magnetic circuits
    into mutually opposing "virtual bucking magnets", with or without additional magnets.
5. A testing regimen will be developed to indicate the effects of these optional arrangements of magnetic
    elements on driver performance, both electrical and acoustical behavior.
6. An important note is to ascertain the consistency of magnetic polarity between the selected group of identical
    drivers. For the bucking effect to be applicable, all magnets in the common set must
    have the same polarity.

8/14/12 Soundcraft Spirit Live 4^2
Restoration includes knob placement, strip repair, power supply check
Goal for sale price $1000

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